After installing WampServer 2.0f, the also installed phpMyAdmin 3.1.1 displays a notice at the bottom of the main page, saying: “Your PHP MySQL library version 5.0.51a differs from your MySQL server version 5.1.30”.

I was experimenting some issues with Toad for MySQL, totally unrelated by the way and still to be solved, so I was sensitive to malfunctions, and decided to go through it.

The problem is that WampServer 2.0f installs MySQL 5.1.30 and PHP 5.2.8, which only supports MySQL 5.0.51a. So the only available solution, if you want to stay with the last stable PHP version, is to downgrade MySQL to version 5.0.51a.

You can download and install a MySQL add on, by using the menu option WampServer/MySQL/Version/Get more… Unfortunately, the installation does not end when the installer finishes. In fact you’ll need to manually configure your new database server.

Switch to it by using the menu option WampServer/MySQL/Version/5.0.51a, wait for the WampServer status icon to get back to white, and reload phpMyAdmin. Works? Mine didn’t. The problem is that the new MySQL server is still not configured and very empty.

  • Switch back to the first server (5.1.30) and export all your databases (don’t export information_schema nor mysql). Then switch to the second server (5.0.51a) for the last time.
  • Edit the file wamp/apps/phpmyadmin3.1.1/ and remove the password.
  • Delete cookies and cache of the browser. This should be enough for allowing phpMyAdmin to load again.
  • Go to the Priviliges tab, and remove the users rows with in them: they are garbage of this MySQL version.
  • Edit the user root/localhost and set a password.
  • Reload phpMyAdmin and check that it fails.
  • Edit again the file wamp/apps/phpmyadmin3.1.1/ and insert the password.
  • Reload phpMyAdmin and check that it doesn’t fail.
  • Add new users/databases as needed.
  • Select each database and import its schema and data, from your previous exports.