1. My ID is associated to the Spanish site because my credit card is from there.
  2. Now I’m in Holland but I do not speak Dutch.
  3. In the AppStore I can select the country, but not the language!!
  4. When I shop for something I want to read reviews about it.
  5. Spanish reviews are not available. (most of the times)
  6. I select the USA site.
  7. Changing country logs me out!!
  8. Now I have many reviews to browse. (I knew it!!)
  9. If I want to buy something, I click the Buy button.
  10. It wants me to login again, but…
  11. …it results in an error. (Translation: this Apple ID can only be used in the Spanish App Store)
  12. After accepting the error, I get redirected to the home of the Spanish site.
  13. Now I have to find that app again…