In my article about How to setup a Multi Page Application in AngularJS, I wanted to include code from GitHub. Having installed Nzymes on my blog, that wasn’t too difficult.

I thought about using an injection like this:

´{[ =<URL of the file>= | 1.get-url(1) | =javascript= | 1.hl(2) ]}´

so that I could easily reuse it just by changing the URL.

Here are the contents of the execution enzymes.


{[ 1.get-url | =php= | 1.hl(2) ]}

The idea is to download the remote file once and store it on the server, in a directory structure like the url (except the protocol). Thus, at any later time, the local copy is returned.


{[ 1.hl | =php= | 1.hl(2) ]}

The idea is to wrap the escaped code into a PRE CODE element, prepared for Chili to later highlight it in the browser. Fun fact: above hl highlights itself:

´{[ 1.hl | =php= | 1.hl(2) ]}´.