HotChili 1.2 Released Today

Known Issues
  • Sometimes a website ( uses an old version of Prototype that makes jQuery fail even if jQuery.noConflict() is used.
  • Sometimes a browser (IE7) cannot load all needed modules in the given sequence, and you get some JavaScript errors.
    Fix: reload the page and click the bookmarklet again (now the modules will be loaded from your browser cache).

HotChili as a Bookmarklet

HotChili is now this bookmarklet: HotChili.

Previous release was for Firefox plus GreaseMonkey, but as a bookmarklet you can use it from any browser.

Known issues

Sometimes a browser (IE) cannot load all needed modules in sequence, and you get some javascript errors. The simple fix is to reload the page and click the bookmarklet again. From now on the modules should be available in the browser cache.

Chili 1.9 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 2.0 has been released

  • Circumvented an evil bottleneck
  • Simplified the core clockwork
  • Removed the bundled jQuery library
  • Changed the plugin names to follow the naming convention of jQuery’s plugins
  • Added a new example showing that Chili 1.9 is much faster

Make yourself at home with HotChili

Syntax highlighting makes code structures pop up, puts order into the intricacies of a program, let’s you concentrate on the logical connections.

Chili does a great job. If you are a blog author, you can easily add syntax highlighting to your scripts, even if you have a very limited control on page generation. And Chili does offer you many configuration options, including the possibility to adapt color schemes at your taste. In fact, the CSS for a language is maybe the first thing Chili users change. They want their highlighting to suit their vision, they build a pattern that matches their engine.

HotChili is better. If you are a blog reader, you can easily* add syntax highlighting to scripts that are not yours, even if they are already highlighted. Pretty cool: you can adapt almost any script to your color scheme!!

* (two clicks)

Chili 1.8c Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.9 has been released

  • Fixed the single chunk limitation. Now any element should be properly highlighted by Chili, even if it contains many chunks, even if it is already highlighted.
  • Updated the bundled jQuery library to version
  • Removed the examples from the distribution zip
  • Added a quick start guide, with a 3 steps Chili installation, all the examples, and a simple how-to for HotChili

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