MonthJuly 2008

WordPress Action and Filter Hooks

These are all the action and filter calls in WP 2.5.0. For each call I show its arguments and where it occurs into the code.

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Boycott VIACOM

Viacom Group: Holdings

    Genuine Scam?

    Last week I got a marketing email from PayPal. It looked like scam because it was also mailed (apparently) to someone who is not me. The footer said: This email was sent to xxxxxxxxxxx according to your preferences. I forwarded the email to PayPal anti scam service, but they confirmed it’s genuine. :-|

    Chili 2.2 Released Today


    • Added support for local line numbers
      • plain
      • starting from an offset
      • automatically segmented
    • Improved the PHP recipe for defaulting to PHP instead of HTML when no <? is found


    How to cause a view refresh in jQuery

    $('body').width( $('body').width() - 1 ).width( $('body').width() + 1 );

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