MonthJanuary 2007

PunchCard 1.2 Released Today

  • Simplified the inclusion of the PunchCard code in a page
  • The configuration of a widget is now by means of a metaboject, and is compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Updated the code to use version 1.1.1 of the jQuery library (bundled)
  • The example.html file shows how to put on the same page as many widgets as you like. Each of them can have it’s own style
  • Simplified the stylesheets. Add new styles for colors and shapes of the widgets to the punchcard.css stylesheet (compare with example.html)

(the greeny thing below this line is a punchcard)

Chili 1.5 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.6 has been released


  • Changed the recipes format to JSON. Previous recipes need a small conversion. Just compare to a JSON recipe and you’ll see how to
  • Improved support for dynamic setups, by means of metaobjects, which allow a clean configuration on a per element basis
  • Improved support for static setups
  • New examples show how to configure static and dynamic setups
    • static: recipes and stylesheets linked from the page
    • dynamic: recipes and stylesheets downloaded on demand
  • The examples also show how to mix languages in the same page, manually configure a mixed language setup, use metaobjects, use a dynamic download in a static setup
  • Added an option for preventing CSS downloading on demand
  • Added a new recipe and example for pure HTML
  • Updated the bundled jQuery library to version 1.1.1
  • Dropped support for Code Highlighter styleSets. It’s very easy to convert a styleSet to a JSON recipe, though
  • Fixed a bug in the white space’s rendering
  • Improved the white space’s rendering in Opera9.1
  • Added scope protection to all the Chili code
  • Tested with IE7, FF1.5, Opera9.1


  • download all in a zip
  • read the manual
  • Examples (static)
  • Examples (dynamic)

Magic H/8

  • H is the 8th letter of the Latin alphabet
  • H and 8 often have very similar names:
    • in English: H=aitch, 8=eight
    • in Spanish: H=hache, 8=ocho
    • in Italian: H=acca, 8=otto
  • H is the 8th most frequent letter of English
  • the three most frequent letters of English are: e, t, a

Eta (uppercase Η, lowercase η) is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 8.

Javascript Zombies

Javascript examples tend to zombify quite fastly. It’s pretty easy to make up a page for showing something, but very soon that page becomes unusable. I’m constantly finding many broken javascript examples in the internet.

And the semantic of a broken javascript example is a logic problem nobody can solve. Is it broken by accident or on purpose? Was it already broken when created? Who, what, where, when did it break? Is it a browser test? Am I doing something wrong?

Maybe we should refrain from presenting online examples.

SPAM is not that bad

Every day SPAM comments remind me that my blog comment feature is properly working even if almost none of my readers is taking time to reply to my posts.

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